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The Blades Trail Races: ULTRASIGNUP

Facebook Group: Blades Trail Race

Date: Sunday March 13th, 2022

7:15 am

Distance: (keep in mind these are trails and your GPS watches may lie to you, prepare to possibly run further than what your watch displays)


Green Trails for Miles

All the laurel, pine trees, and moss one can see will result in nothing less than a green occasion. Combat those blue feelings of waiting another 11 months for the Algonquin 50k by hopping over the Pocomoke River and running its baby brother. Grab the sword by the hilt and run it!
Race Details:
Very Important: Due to limited parking space on Blades Road and around the race location, please plan on carpooling if possible.

To reduce crowds and save time on race day morning, please make every effort to pick up your bib number/packet pre-race. You can have someone pick up your bib for you.

Saturday, March 12
Packet Pickup
Location: Dockside Bar & Grill, 2 Riverside Dr., Pocomoke, MD 21851
Time: 4:00 pm-7:00 pm

Sunday, March 13
Race Location:
Hudson-Tarr Tract, Pocomoke State Forest, Blades Road, Pocomoke City, MD 21851. Located off of Rt. 113 South, between Pocomoke and Snow Hill. Blades Road is approximately one mile south of Shad Landing Pocomoke River State Park. Turn at Hudson Autobody.

Race Day packet pickup 6:15-6:45 (Again, please make every effort to utilize the Saturday pickup option).

Race Start 7:15 am sharp (that’s exactly per Ultrasignup timing).
Cutoff: The final cutoff time for this event is 3 hours (10:15 a.m.).

There will be one aid station, approximately at 4.5 miles.
What is at the Aid Stations -
(REMINDER: you should use your OWN water bottles, hydration belt or vest for Tailwind/Water)
*** We are trying not to waste cups or leave anything on the trails - Garbage bags will be available at all aid stations ***
Tailwind Nutrition
Something sweet
Something salty
Pepsi/Mountain Dew
*** In addition to these items the aid stations may have extra surprises ***

FAQs -
How will the course be marked? The course will be spray painted with arrows on the ground, logs or sticks may also be used as arrows to direct you or block side trails, signs, caution tape low to the ground to "block" where you should not go, and small green construction flags on that right side of the trail to lead the way.

What will happen if I can't finish?
Let a volunteer/race crew member know if you need to drop and check in at the start/finish area when you return to it.

Can I run with music? That is up to you. We don't care either way. The music might help you further along in the race.

Lost and Found? Check eBay. Actually, just notify us afterwards. Do not leave anything on the trails. Any items not claimed in 30 days will be donated or thrown into a bonfire.

What if the race is cancelled? We plan to race in rain, snow, sleet and/or very cold/hot conditions. Only a force majeure which makes EMS, Aid station and support staff unable to function and making it too dangerous to drive will be cause for cancellation. In the event of a cancellation, no refunds or credits will be applied to future events.

When and Where will the results be up? We will publish the results as soon as possible both on the FB page and on

Is it true that some of the trails might have water on them? It's possible because there are sections of the trail that cross small creeks. However Algonquin's little brother is usually dry.

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