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Bacon vs. Scrapple vs. Vegan(?)


Bacon vs. Scrapple Run – Easily the toughest race in Salisbury and the most delicious…

Facebook Group: On The Bacon Trail - The Naylor Mill 7K


Naylor Mill 7k Course GPX

Date: August 12th, 2022

Time: 6:30pm

Easily the toughest race on Delmarva and the most delicious... Bacon and Freeze Pops at the end.
It is miserable. Hot, humid and trails that never seem to end. This race is NOT recommended unless you have run at least a 10k and have run on trails. But we welcome everyone.
We will have over tons of bacon. Yep. To compete in the team component of the race you will need to choose between team bacon, team scrapple and team veggie (as loyal Bacon eaters, the race crew will only supply bacon.... although somehow Scrapple shows up every year)
Get ready for dirt.

This is a 7k trail foot race to promote the use of recreational trails in the city of Salisbury and Wicomico County. A great race for experienced trail runners and those wanting to test out the trails for the first time.
Bacon. Swag. Bacon. Some Awards. Bacon.

7k is 4.35 miles. This distance was chosen because that is almost exactly how many miles of Naylor Mill trails there are at this time (sorta) and also because Master Trail Maker Roy wanted over four miles that day. Roy gets whatever he wants on these trails.

The trails are almost all single-track dirt trails. Yes, there are some ups and downs and lots of twists and turns. You never run the same section twice
Please be aware that this event will be held during tick season. Please prepare accordingly by spraying yourself and your clothes.

We will have one aid station in the middle of the race with water and bacon. There will also be water and bacon at the end.

Awards will be given to the top three men and top three women.

Additional information:

  • NO bib transfers or bandits 

  • Bib numbers should be visible at all times

  • NO littering. Pack in, pack out. 

  • Runners should stay on the established course




  • NO TUTUs

  • NO dogs for runners

  • NO early starts

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