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About Algonquin Ultras

   Mud or Blood? The choice has always been difficult. It hurts no matter what. The Algonquin 50k all started with the original Algonquin 50K, "The longest 50K on the Eastern Shore", at least that is what the Race Dictator likes to call it. The inaugural race took place on Saturday, Feb. 11, 2017, at 7am and what an epic race it was! There was a lot of sand, sweat, water, and briars. Everyone was racing to either beat the competition or beat the clock before it turned 8:00:00. The runners, the volunteers, the rangers, the equestrian teams and the sponsors all made this race a huge success. The first race was won by Alexander Hetherington for the men and Melissa Wilson for the women.  
   The race was first inspired by our infamous Race Dictator, Trent Swanson, and his friends Chris Demone and Brian Swift. A group from the Pemberton Running Club (PRC), on a freezing cold day in February of 2016, ran an out and back on the Algonquin trail in The Pocomoke State Forest. They discovered beautiful trails, flooded terrain, and the soft Delmarvalous sand. Luckily for you all, The Algonquin 50K takes you through the main vein of it all.
   From there Algonquin Ultras was born to give back to the parks and forests on the Delmarva. Algonquin Ultras has since created more trail races to help bring the running community together and bring runners to the amazing trails of Delmarva

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